Situated at the foot of the World Heritage listed Mt Warning National Park, Durobby Retreat is
the destination in Australia that offers total luxury and a natural experience.

Durobby - Nature Retreat

Mount Warning reflection

Tawny frogmouth and chick

Durobby Retreat is located at the foot of Mount Warning, and just 5 minutes drive from Mt. Warning National Park, one of five World Heritage properties in the Border Group of the Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves properties.

Imagine having your morning coffee on your private verandah, and seeing a platypus frolicking in the water just metres away, or wallabies grazing near the rainforest edge!

Durobby is a bird watcher's paradise.  Our record is seventy bird species spotted in one day, with over one hundred bird species visiting during migration and breeding seasons.

Left: Observe the Jacaranda tree carefully for a
Tawny frogmouth and chick. (Give up? Mouse over the image.)

From the ubiquitous Noisy miner deftly gathering nectar from flowering Grevilleas to the majestic Wedge tail eagles soaring high on thermals above the valley, and numerous water fowl taking advantage of the lake environment, the patient observer is sure to be rewarded!  Visit our Birds Slideshow.

There are nearly five kilometres of walks on the property, with binoculars and reference books available in your cabin.

Our specially constructed Platypus viewing deck on the lake's edge allows for better opportunities to spot these secretive natives, and a light weight row boat is available for your leisure.

Eco-systems vary from grasslands, open woodland and remnant rainforest to riparian rainforest and broad area waterways, so the variety of wildlife at Durobby is unique.

Information on the ecology and geology of Durobby Retreat is available, while interesting links are here.

Durobby is the environmental tourism destination that offers total luxury and a complete natural experience, so why not make an enquiry right now?

Palm trees by the lake